A-journey-to-the-depths-of-the-skin_235x485In order to better understand how the skin works, we invite you to journey through its various cutaneous layers.Some anatomical information…In an adult weighing approximately 75kg, the skin accounts for around 4kg of that weight and is about 2mm thick depending on the area of the body. It is thicker on the soles of the feet and thinner on the eyelids.It is made up of:- three superimposed layers:

    • the epidermis: the outermost layer. It protects against external aggressions.
    • the dermis: the middle layer. It provides a structurally supporting role.
    • the hypodermis: the deepest layer. Largely made up of adipose tissue, it acts as an energy reservoir.

– skin annexes:

    • the sweat glands: secrete sweat
    • the sebaceous glands: secrete sebum
    • appendages of the skin: produce nails and hair

The hydrolipidic film is an emulsion formed on the surface of the skin by sebum and sweat secretions. It helps maintain the skin’s pH balance and forms a natural protective barrier. It also lubricates the skin and maintains its suppleness.

– made up of blood and lymph vessels and nerve endings.

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