“The Science of Cosmetics”

Based in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, the teams at Cellap Laboratoire apply the latest findings in cosmetic science to their work. Cellcosmet and Cellmen’s phyto and cellular products contain cutting-edge, highly technical formulations that are used for their cosmetic purposes.

In 1987 Cellap Laboratoire completed the development of the unique CellControlTM method – a real breakthrough in the world of cosmetics and a key moment in the history of cellular cosmetics. It also heralded the start of an international success story. The CellControlTM method means that cellular material can be kept in its active state for months at a time, thanks to the use of a stabilising liquid especially developed by scientists at Cellap Laboratoire. This provides access to stabilised cellular extracts that not only maintain their biological integrity but also keep their extraordinary vital energy. In that form they can then be incorporated into the formulation of the Cellcosmet and Cellmen products.

To this day, the CellControlTM method that Cellap Laboratoire applies to its cellular products remains the most effective and best adapted treatment for stimulating skin revitalisation.

Launching Cellcosmet and Cellmen lines Cellap Laboratoire clearly distinguished itself from other cosmetic ranges by offering, for the first time in cosmetology, cellular skin care lines that respected:

– the skin’s physiological age

– the hormonal identity of male and female skin

The cellular line for women, Cellcosmet takes into account the varying needs of the skin and how these change depending on its physiological age. This is why the concentration of cellular extracts in the various products varies from one cosmetics to another.

The cellular line for men, Cellmen has been formulated to perfectly respond to the specific needs of male skin. This cosmetic range has gone on to become one of the most comprehensive male skin care lines on the market today.

Cellap Laboratoire takes meticulous care to prepare and manufacture its unique products with the highest standards of quality and safety.


  • Narrow-necked opaline glass jars preserve the precious Cellcosmet and Cellmen cells.
  • Hermetically sealed jars ensure product quality and freshness.
  • Sealed wrapping ensures products are tamper-proof.


  • Performed in conditions similar to those practiced in the pharmaceutical industry with extremely rigorous hygiene regulations (GMPc norm).
  • Annual quantities are limited to ensure quality – thereby ruling out industrial-scale production.

Quality Control

  • Strict toxicological and bacteriological tests.
  • Efficiency tests performed by independent laboratories.
  • Dermatological tolerance tests*.

*Non-toxicity test/ *Hypoallergenic

Given that the products are developed, manufactured and packaged from start to finish in Switzerland, Cellap Laboratoire can legitimately add the “100% Swiss Made“ label to its Cellcosmet and Cellmen ranges. They have been able to offer a new vision in cosmetics, which is both exclusive and confidential, state-of-the-art and 100% Swiss-made.

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