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Cellcosmet’s Stress Buster

German beauty Claudia Schiffer holds the record for the model with the most magazine covers ever, having been on more than 1,000 magazine covers in her life. Want to know her beauty secrets?

She was quoted in Harpers Bazarr as being an avid user of the Cellcosmet; ‘..If I need some extra love, I’ll use Cellcosmet Anti-Stress Mask afterward to make my face glow.”

With its unique approach to skincare, Cellcosmet’s Anti Stress Mask holds the power to detox, firm, and brighten; working instant, at home facial magic on your skin. Pores will instantly appear tighter, redness significantly reduced whilst skin looks smoother and supple.

Cellcosmet's Anti Stress Mask

This restoring mask is suitable for all skin types. Apply 1-2 times a week.

Active Ingredients:

  • Natural clays:

absorbent, matifying, purifying

  • Orange-flower distillate water:

relaxing, soothing, anti-stress, detoxifying

  • Cabbage Rose distillate water:

soothing, softening, astringent due to the tannins it contains

  • Vegetal glycerin:

humectant and moisturising*, reinforces the skin’s capacity to retain the water in the hydrolipidic film

  • Liquorice derivative:

calms the skin, powerful antioxidant, helps prevent pigmentation marks, brightening

  • Oligopeptides from millet seeds:

excellent anti-stress and anti-ageing effect, counteract the effects of cellular ageing caused by stress, recharge overworked and tired-looking skin, improve skin radiance and brighten the complexion.

A Cellcosmet Routine For Problem Skin

Problem skin is something that we all suffer from at some point in our lives. Although Acne and breakouts are more common in our youth, it’s an unwelcome issue that can arise at any time.

Thankfully, the unique cellular component of Cellcosmet and Cellmen products has a very good effect on problematic skin post acne, in terms of rebalancing, repairing, regenerating the skin.

If you suffering from such skin conditions, I suggest the following home treatment:


Daily Skincare:

Gentle Purifying Cleanser – AM + PM

Active Tonic* – AM + PM

Activator Gel* – AM + PM

Exfoliant Dual Action - 1 X Week PM (avoid highly inflamed areas)

Precious Mask - 3 X Week PM

Ultra Vital – AM + PM (after Cellular Intensive Treatments)


Cellular Intensive Treatments (First 12 Days of regime)

UltraCell Intensive (if > 30 years) – PM

1 ampule in the evening before night cream


UltraCell Sensitive (If < 30 years) – PM

1 ampule in the evening before night cream

* except for very irritated skin

Cellcosmet Skincare for Problem Skin

Cellcosmet Partners with Aldo Coppola London

Situated in the heart of London in the affluent area of South Kensington, the renowned Aldo Coppola chain of hair salons has chosen to offer its select clientele true excellence in terms of revitalising and soothing treatments.This haven of peace and tranquillity has now opened their ‘Cellcosmet Spa’ offering the exceptional SwissCell Spa professional treatments . Offering much more than basic treatments, this London-based Salon & Spa provides an intense experience of well-being and revitalisation that will more than meet its clients’ highest demands and expectations.

The highly-experienced Cellcosmet and Cellmen approved therapists are there to respond to the clients’ needs, offering them the very best in Swiss cosmetic science with our exceptionally effective, tailor-made treatments.

The ultimate in luxurious pampering at London’s Aldo Coppola Salon & Spa: following on from your treatments, a spacious sales and customer advice area will enable you to select just the right products for you from the full Cellcosmet and Cellmen range.

Book in for your Cellcosmet Spa treatment at Aldo Coppola here.


SwissCell UK – Centre of Excellence & Training

A Training room at the SwissCell Centre of Training
A Training room at the SwissCell Centre of Excellence

The Cellcosmet cosmeceuticals that you use on your skin every day are ideally complemented by the tailor-made professional treatments we offer in approved salons, spas & clinics within the UK.

Place your facial and bodycare needs in the expert hands of our approved Cellcosmet “SwissCellSpa Experience” specialists and experience moments of sheer indulgence in which revitalisation, relaxation and radiance-revealing go hand in hand with pleasure.

As the exclusive UK wide distributor of Cellcosmet & Cellmen skincare products, SwissCell UK has inaugurated an exclusive training centre for approved therapists in South West London.

Equipped with all the latest technology in professional beauty treatments, this high-tech space provides comprehensive and rigorous training in all the techniques and methods used in the “SwissCellSpa Experience“. This state of the art, professional range of skincare treatments has been developed by Cellap Laboratoires, in collaboration with training personnel and doctors from all over the world.

Each practitioner from partnered spas, clinics & salons will be invited to these premises for a thorough training and education. The various treatments on offer will ensure participants leave the centre with an comprehensive level of proficiency in the brand’s specific care protocols, massage techniques, and of course knowledge of the Cellcosmet & Cellmen Professional & Retail product range.

The certificate awarded at the end of each module will vouch for the therapist’s ability to provide the treatments that make up the “SwissCellSpa Experience“ in an approved beauty institutes.

Selected spas & clinics that offer the SwissCell Spa experience in the UK can be found here