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Cellap Laboratoires: A lesson in Quality:

Clean air, frosted grass, and a fresh breeze. As you approach Lausanne by car you get a real sense of what Switzerland is all about.

From the main town, a winding uphill road will take you to La Mont – Sur Lausanne, a quaint municipality of only 7000 inhabitants overlooking the picturesque Lake Geneva. It is the perfect setting for the home of Cellcosmet & Cellmen.

Only last year, Cellap Laboratoires, the exclusive manufacturer of Cellcosmet & Cellmen celebrated 30 years of operation. Since its inception, the company has remained entirely family owned. In that time, the profile of the brands has flourished and is now adored across the world.

It is hard for something to be valued for a long time. This is especially true in the beauty industry. A short walk through any department store will tell you that. Most categories are saturated, and novelty is increasingly overvalued. For a concept to last, it needs to be exceptional & unique.

Cellap’s secret has been in its simplicity. For over 3 decades years now, the company has focused on one thing alone. Ensuring the highest possible quality of product. Every gear and lever of the organization is focused on that singular goal. Providing the highest quality anti – ageing skincare to its clients.

Swiss values run deep through the veins of the company. Cellcosmet & Cellmen does not pull you in by the gravitas of their television advertising or celebrity endorsement. They are the brand a mother will suggest for a daughter, or that she will gift to her partner, because of her trust in the product.

As a company, we are immensely proud to represent the brand in the United Kingdom. We strive to continue the legacy and tradition that the brand is so well known for around the world.

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