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Theodent Toothpaste – The Law of Catergory

How many toothpastes look like a chocolate box?

How many toothpastes retail at £125?

How many toothpastes taste of chocolate?


Not too many, I would guess.

theodent banner

“It’s not about being incrementally better, it’s about being different. Differentiation in a marketplace that is crowded noisy is the thing that will get you noticed.”

– Chase Jarvis

In the grand scheme of things, Theodent is a recent entrant into the international dental-care market. It was developed in New Orleans, Louisiana, by research scientist out of Tulane University in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Since its launch in 2012, it has taken the international press by storm. The brand won the prestigious Red Dot Design award in the same year and has been featured everywhere from the New York Times to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Catalogue.

Perhaps unusually, Theodent is a fluoride free toothpaste. Instead, it utilises Theobromine, an ingredient naturally found in the Cocoa bean. Numerous clinical trials have found Theobromine to be both superior in its restorative qualities, and safer than fluoride.

The elegant packaging of Theodent echoes an artisanal chocolate box, with inspiration drawn from products active ingredient and it source. The brown exterior and golden foiling stand in stark contrast to the whites, blues and greens that usually fill the dental shelves at pharmacies, dental clinics and boutique stores.

Within the small range there are 3 items. The Theodent Classic, the flagship of the range and first product launched. It has a smooth texture coupled with a pleasant crystal mint flavour and an active whitening ingredient. The Theodent Kids, specifically formulated for young children, is Chocolate flavoured. Although it tastes incredible, there is no issue if children swallow part of the dentifrice, as it is fluoride free & GRAS certified by the FDA. Both Kids & Classic retail at £25. Lastly, the Theodent 300, encased in a white tube & white box is the extra strength, super premium product in the range. This item retails a £125.

There is so information to delve into with this product. As a company, we are delighted to have the opportunity to represent it in the UK. The customers, domestically & internationally adore it. Take a look at our UK website for the brand at to uncover some more information. Theodent is available at Harrods Department Store and Whole Foods Supermarkets nationwide.

theodent banner

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