Cherish Apricot Hand Cream 75ml

Valais Apricot Extracts,
Apricot oil,
Hyaluronic acid (regenerating, moisturizing),
Panthenol Provitamin B5 (regenerating, moisturizing),
Vitamin B3 (enhances circulation of blood),
Stabilized Vitamin C (antioxidant, anti-infective),
Shea Butter (regenerating),
Allantoin (smoothing).

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Product Description


This cream is light and easily absorbed by the skin, it is rich in substances which preserve beautiful hands and protect skin from dryness and dehydration. They increase skin suppleness and elasticity by repairing damage caused by daily everyday chores.

Skin soon becomes softer and more supple. This cream uses vitamin C to reduce pigmentation spots and prevent their appearance. Regular application of this cream helps to delay the effects of time appearing early on hands. This cream also naturally strengthens nails and stimulates UV ray protection.

Product formulated respecting nature and with ingredients which are well tolerated by the skin this cream has no parabens and phtalates. It contains no mineral oil, palm oil or any suspicious ingredients. Apply this cream on your hands after each hand wash at any time during the day. Rub in untill it is completely absorbed.


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